Year 12 Formby Trip

Year 12 travelled to Formby Point on 12th July to complete the fieldwork element of their A Level course. The students completed a transect study and took soil samples in order to investigate biological succession. Here are some of our favourite pictures from the day!

It begins…


Marram grass.
Efficient transect team.
Wild biologists in their natural habitat.
Happy biologists!
Inspecting the equipment.
More happy biologists.
Yellow dunes.

Welcome and Congratulations!

The Canon Slade Biology Department would like to extend a warm welcome to all new Biologists in Year 12.  Please explore the website and download resources as you need them.  Ask one of us if you have any problems.


A big congratulations to our Year 13 and ex-Year 13 students on their excellent exam results.  At AS, 22% of students gained a grade A overall.  At A2, 18% of our students gained an A* – fantastic results!

Year 12 Cover Work – Period 2 – S31 – 16/06/2015 – Mrs Sixsmith


Year 12 Cover Work – Period 2 – S31 – 16/06/2015

Please download the Powerpoint and Worksheet titled “Survival Curves

Survival Curves Powerpoint

Survival Curves Worksheet

  • Read through and make notes. Use online resources to read around the topic in more detail.
  • Complete the worksheet
  • Complete the booklet of past paper questions that you were given last week. Another copy has been uploaded below if you have ‘lost’ yours.

Human Populations Questions

See you on Thursday!

New Resources

I have added some EMPA resources that you might find useful in preparation for the exam this Friday.

Equally there are some BIOL1 PPQs uploaded. BIOL4 and BIOL5 to follow.

And don’t forget, Biology Clinic on Thursday lunchime in S12 with any last minute questions before study leave (and during if you are in College at any point!)

Good luck!