Lesson Resources – Year 13


Lesson 1 Populations key terms

Lesson 2 Investigating populations

Lesson 3 Variation in population size

Lesson 4 Human Populations

Lesson 5 Succession


Photosynthesis and Respiration

1 ATP 2

Photosysthesis intro

3 LDR and LIR

4 Limiting Factors

Photosynthesis Limiting Factors



Anaerobic Respiration RLE

Respiration adapted


Nutrient Recycling





5.5 Pest control 1



1 Inheritance 1

2 Monohybrid crosses

3 Codominance and multiple alleles

4 Sex linkage

5 Hardy Weinberg


Natural Selection




Stimulus and Response

1 Sensory reception

1 Stimulus Response

2 Nervous control

3 Control of heart rate

4 Receptors


Nerves and Muscles

1 Neurones RLE

2 Synapses

1 Muscles


Hormones and Homeostasis

1 Chemical Coordination

2 3 Negative feedback and thermoregulation

4 Glucoregulation

6 The Oestrous Cycle


Protein Synthesis and Gene Expression

1 RNA to protein

2 Gene Mutations

Stem cells and gene expression


Genetic Technologies

1 2 3 DNA recap, reverse transcriptase, restriction enzymes adapted

3 Restriction mapping and Southern blots

4 The PCR

5 In vivo gene cloning

7 8 Genetic engineering and gene therapy

9 Genetic Screening and Counselling

10 DNA fingerprinting

11 DNA Sequencing



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